Dead Horse Point

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This is a photo of a Juniper tree at the edge of a two-thousand foot drop at Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah. The more I think about it, the more apropos this photo is to current events.

I’m currently in the communal restroom at Moab Valley RV Resort and Campground in Moab, Utah. I’m reading any news I can find about the president’s condition, and trying not to be too cynical. Early Friday morning I woke to news alerts, tweets, texts, and emails that the president had tested positive for COVID-19; I guess we still don’t have a catchy name for it.

Most of the coverage at this point is very loose, even speculative; as far as I can tell there isn’t much to be reported. The president went to Walter Reed Friday and has been there since. There seem to be conflicting reports regarding his health leading up to and since the news. I sat and watched a camera feed of nothing but the exterior entrance to the hospital, with people milling about and zero commentary, for at least twenty minutes; desperately hoping for some sort of reassurance that this is in fact happening and I’m not just having a crazy dream.

My family and I are on vacation, camping in Moab and visiting the national and state parks in the region. The fact that we spent the day at a park called Dead Horse Point, at the edge of two-thousand foot precipices on the day that our spreader-in-chief was both diagnosed with and hospitalised for a condition that many of his most fervent supporters believe is a hoax is one that I reluctantly find appropriate.

My family is a pretty progressive family, but my partner and I are pretty hands-off; we teach the children about ethics and morality, but let them come to their own conclusions on most things. I’m trying my hardest not to signal mirth or cynicism to the kids, because a person becoming ill - no matter who they are are how much illness they’ve directly enabled in the population, is not something to celebrate; but it is important that we acknowledge just how much damage this man and his ideology has done of late.

We’ve all been standing at the edge of a two-thousand foot cliff, flogging dead horses and just trying to get a simple point across - maybe now they’ll listen?

Again, I find it difficult to appropriately navigate this situation, it’s never okay to celebrate the sickness of another human being; even if it seems that he has been doing exactly that all along. I only hope that we somehow find a way to come back together through all of this.

We’re about to go to Canyonlands right now, and I expect I’ll be out of service until we get back to the campground this evening. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this compelled to stay in and watch the news, but life goes on regardless of what happens with this man and these people, and I’d rather have a good day with my family than continue to let them dictate my overall disposition.

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