Hope And Change

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Sensationally Sexy Socialist Goes All Weak-Lib!!

As I said in my previous post, I don’t want to sensationalize and ridicule people, I don’t want to spread more division and hate and fear. I genuinely believe that we need to come together and heal. I am not taking a soft, centrist stance, I am not saying there are good people on both sides, I am not saying we need to give anybody a pass. I am saying that we need to be aware of where the real fight is, we need to be aware of the fact that Trump supporters are overwhelmingly working class victims of the system, and that we can in fact reach them and help them unlearn the bigotry they’ve taken for granted for so long.

Times are hectic right now, things are scary. People have been hurt, physically and emotionally, damage has been done to our society. And I’m not saying we need to stand up for the status quo and go back to the way things were before the Trumpster and the madness of the last several years. I’m saying it’s up to us, those of us who see things as they are, that our material conditions are due to the exploitation that’s built in to Capitalism and that the American Dream is an insidious lie, to reach out to our fellow Americans and bring them back into the fold.

We are at a turning point, we can choose to lie back down in submission and continue our daily lives in exhaustion and apathy, or we can grow, we can build, we can heal and reach and teach. We can go on the offensive and fight the system with a hundred million angry Americans who want to fight, who are aware of the fact that they’ve been taken advantage of and are chomping at the bit for some real change. The stage is set, and there are powerful actors who would use the disillusion and unrest to cement their victory, to turn this brief tryst with Fascism into a lasting regime. Millions of Americans are newly aware of just how skewed the system is; they spent the majority of their lives content to struggle, suffer and die under the false pretense that someday all their hard work and sacrifice will pay off, but they’ve finally realized that the jig is up.

I can’t blame these people for being human. I can’t hold their failures or mistakes or weaknesses against them. They are suffering just the same as we are, and we cannot confuse them with our oppressors. It will not be easy. It will not be easy to work with these people, who’ve said and done harmful, hateful things. It will not be easy to overcome ingrained bigotry and lifelong beliefs, but it is what needs to be done. The time is now, America, to put our differences aside, to recognize our shared humanity, our shared strengths and weaknesses, our shared fallibility, and our shared compassion.

Keep fighting the good fight. Don’t fall asleep. We have an unprecedented opportunity in front of us, we can put pressure on the system and force it to start working for us, but we will need these comrades on our side.

Secular Humanist writer, photographer, and quintessential millennial dilettante. Check out https://threebillionbeats.com for more, you can even buy prints!

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