I Read A Pro Trump Article, Now I’m Mad

(Must Be My TDS)

I read a post on Medium the other day. I’ve been grappling with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) for the last couple years, according to some of my friends, and this article gave me a flare-up. Incidentally, these friends of mine who claim that I have a novel mental health issue; an issue that I think is less a health concern and more an actual sense of ethics and morality, have almost to-the-man all come down with The Ro; one of them is currently seriously ill and may or may not make it. It sucks to say that, it also sucked to tell him to be less self-centered every single time he launched into a boisterous tirade about his freedoms and liberty when he was asked to wear a mask by an innocent shopkeeper or host. I wonder if he wishes the person who transmitted it to him would have been wearing a mask? I’m not writing this about these friends though, that post is still in the works, I’m writing this one about the Medium post the other day that caused a serious eruption of my TDS.

This post was titled something sensational — Donald Trump Has Prepared The US Economy For Unprecedented Success, or something equally absurd and obviously engineered for online interaction, Clicks Rule Everything Around Me. I read it, because of course I did! Why wouldn’t I? I had to see what these simpletons were saying and bask in my Liberal Intellectual Superiority.

It was a relatively short read, and nothing in it was spectacular enough to stick in my mind these few days later, I can only recall the overall gist of it. And, the overall gist of it was that whoever wrote it is hopelessly devoted to the status quo. The writer of this article pointed to the rapid growth of our economy during the period leading up to this global pandemic, and the stance of the current administration, to reassure us all that everything is fine, pay no attention to those men behind the curtain! I’ve heard this repeated over and over again lately, mostly from my right-side buddies. I say right-side because I’m kinda lazy, and kinda uncertain how best to describe them, they’re kinda like Proud Boy Boogaloo Q types, and they’re kinda like normal, everyday Americans trying to get by and looking to the past for comfort as times become ever more uncomfortable.

This post really got under my skin, regurgitating the same tired, fallacious points while refusing to acknowledge the fact that debt, both Consumer and National, rose right along with the GDP to attain the highest highs; how dare they attack my sensitive sensibilities like that! Record level debt goes hand-in-hand with success nowadays, apparently. This writer evinced a deep seated love for things as-they-are-and-have-been, a pernicious lack of imagination, and true Contemporary American Nationalism. There is no longer any manner in which one can seriously and genuinely make the argument that we are good to go; if I may repeat some common speaking points from my side of the aisle, though they reflect the interests of all of us, dearest reader — over the last four or so decades wages have stagnated and productivity has grown in an unprecedented negative correlation, corporate profits, executive salaries, and debt have reached uncanny numbers, deaths of despair have become the leading killer of the working class, and human beings ourselves have become the largest commodity in the history of our history!

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The New Right has stolen friends and family from me, and for that I don’t think I can ever forgive it. I have always been a left-leaning weirdo, but I never found myself struggling to maintain social relationships due to ideologies until these toxic ideologies became normalized. I have spent my life advocating for simple human rights and compassionate humanism. Yes, I am a radical atheist and anarchist, but I don’t want to take your guns or your god or your liberty away, in fact I like guns and I think religion is an essential ingredient in society and liberty is where it’s at, yo! I want you to stop being afraid of your fellow human beings and stop giving the majority of your wealth away to vampiric corporations, corporations who would immediately fold the moment we took the power back! I have never found myself pleading with friends and family to lift that curtain as much as I have been these last few years; and that’s because the man lurking behind that curtain is no longer just an everyday capitalist looking to exe all your ploits, but is in fact a proto-fascist who intends to turn back hard-won progress and erase the legacy of this great nation!

Many of my friends and family members have always been at least slightly racist or bigoted in some other way, we all have implicit biases and it’s actually a good thing to embrace them in order to overcome them. Many of my friends and family members have always been afraid of change, and many of them have been too tired from working their asses off to give these social issues any meaningful consideration; whatever doesn’t clearly impact their daily experience is too abstract for them to care about. I have always tried to explain to them how these issues do directly impact their lives, it’s all just intentionally obfuscated by the ruling class. Now, however, the ruling class has tapped into the underlying current of insularism in modern life, they have capitalized on our exhaustion and our fear and even our inherent chauvinisms, and they are openly peddling proto-fascism in a bid to maintain the status quo. I hate to use the term fascism willy-nilly; I still hate Seinfeld for normalizing the Nazi affix and stripping its power, and I don’t use it willy-nilly here. Donald Trump and his band of merry mostly white Christian men are parroting the fascist rulers of the early twentieth century, but nothing much at all is changing.

The thing that really ruffles my potato chips here, and those ruffles are in this case unwanted, is that my friends are being taken advantage of. Their fears, their implicit biases, even their hopes and dreams and Utopian belief in the dead American Dream are being used to hoodwink them into supporting a regime that only cares about their donors. I watched Sheldon Whitehouse lay out an extremely concise case for the deep state today; twice as a matter of fact, and it really struck a chord. I was at first filled with hope, hope that this would lead to changes in the way my right-side friends view this whole kayfabe. Very quickly, however, I got very sad. Sad because I was forced to acknowledge the fact that none of them would watch it, and even if they did they’d find some sort of justification for why it was all a democratic hoax. I didn’t know who Sheldon Whitehouse was before yesterday, but I have since read several of his own Medium pieces, and I think overall he’s making a genuine effort to do the job he was elected to do.

Our economy is not set up for a major comeback after this pandemic. It is not stronger than it’s ever been, nor is it even possible anymore to pretend that it is. These people who support Trump and the current administration are running out of excuses — soon they are going to have to just come out and say it. They are supporting the Trump regime because it represents the racist, sexist, bigoted values they themselves espouse, and that used to be enough to get people to realize when they’re wrong. The current administration has been normalizing this horrible shit for the last four years in order to continue feeding on the working class.

Guy that wrote that sappy, slurpy tripe about how great and smart and beautiful Supreme Leader Trump is, I see through your lies homeboy, I know that you’re really just a scardy-cat racist, and I’d wager that you probably don’t have the shrimp to back up your gumbo. If you do, or if I’m wrong, I invite you to enlighten me. I beg any and all Trump supporters to undertake some serious self-reflection and scrutinize your beliefs and give me some valid reasons why you support Trump, other than bigotry that is. If you are just that guy, then I beg you to drop the act dude, there are still a lot of innocent people who fall for your lies, and aren’t you supposed to believe in traditional values anyway— like honor and integrity and respect? Also, can’t you see that your racism is playing right into the plans of the billionaire elite? I mean, it’s right there in front of us, you’re kinda running out of wiggle room.

Anyway, whatever dude. Please go vote everybody, if you haven’t done so already! Please stop and think about things. Please be honest with yourselves, and please never be afraid to ask for help!

Secular Humanist writer, photographer, and quintessential millennial dilettante. Check out https://threebillionbeats.com for more, you can even buy prints!

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